Friday, 29 January 2016


When you realize life isn't always turns out like you want
You fall so hard
Into the hard ground

When you see there's someone who have a wonderful life
You feel jealous
Enough to rip your heart out

But you don't realize and see one thing
There's so many hidden secrets
Behind things that out of your league 
Better things wait for you
Out there
Waiting for you 
And it will come to you
When the time comes
Sooner or later
Just believe

Monday, 18 January 2016


when you feels like youre alone
think again
think deeply
close your eyes
feel your heart beating
feel the nerve inside you

you know you arent alone
youve got Him

cheers babe

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Pretenders doin great job by playing billion trillions characters inside em. Hiding different things in front of different ppl. It's not what they choose the path. But they have to. Sometimes 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

The one maybe

I get so much jealous
Its comes without i want it 
Her flaws makes me die
Like its kill me by her perfection 

I always thought 
And feels
Shes way more better
And suits you
You two will be a perfect couple
Everyone will bless you two
Trust me 

From name to everything 
You guys have the similarities 
Without you and her want it this way
But it has written up there
Shes the one for you 
Maybe, who knows aite? 

Some story

Hey boy
Wanna know something
Maybe what im gonna tell you
Looks nothing in your eyes

It is something 
For me
Which makes me realize
Im not good enough for you

Here's the story
There was a fine one day
And a girl saying this to her friend
"Aku tak suka sangat farah dengan dia"
The end

So thats it
Im heartless 
Don't know what to think
Besides comparing myself
To her