Friday, 21 March 2014

Bad. Its me

I knew. Its my fault. My bad. Put the blame on me. Yes! Its me! The one who should be blame. Not her, not anyone else. 

I got no courage to greet her. 
I got no strength to talk to her. 

My legs are too weak to run to her, to hug her, to kiss her, to cuddle her. 
Even my heart are beating faster when i saw her, even my heart wanted to run to her. My ego stopped me. 

The way you looked at me this morning, its scared me. 
Its like a silent question, asking me "what are you doing here? Here are not your place anymore,"

Im sorry because im no good.
Sorry for being a really bad friend, fake friend.
Forgetting you in a short time, eventhough its never happen. 

Remember my darling,
Its you who always in my mind. 
Its you i always miss. 
To talk to, laugh with, cuddle together. 
Everything i wanna do with you

The walls spread us. Far from each other. And im sorry for that. 
I'll try my best to keep us together back like those time. 

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