Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sides of me

Farah is like..

I cant compare myself
To perfect shiny things
But I can tell you

She's a girl
Who likes to dream bout things
Complicated and people maybe don't get it
That she will get someday

She's a girl
That better in writing
To express herself
What she feels, touch and see
Than talks directly
She's lack at it
Definitely making people laugh at her
When she open her mouth to speak
'Cause she cant
Speak well like perfect mankind

She's not too friendly
With strangers especially
Not that she's poyo or yeah you know
She's just cant get into too quickly
But once she feels comfortable 
She'll lost control and talk like popcorn that pops
But yeah she's sort of shy 
A liitle bit but not too much

Well that's her
Farah, yeahh me 
What I can tell you
I'm not that perfect
I got many 'holes' that I need to cover
My dark side, negative habits

All that things
That makes me isnt perfect mankind

I just want 
The world, people
To not judge me 
As I'm perfect like the shining moon
Because moon have dark side
And holes 

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