Friday, 30 January 2015

Stars gone

I always know
The stars only shine at night
And will go when light comes

But when the stars was up there
We didnt have time even for a sec
For admiring it
To look at the diamond when it was up there

When the stars gone
That time we'll only realize
Why didnt we appreciate it when it was there

That's me
I always didn't realize every diamond that comes in my life
When the diamond starts to leave
Only then i realize youre the one

If theres a chance
To hold back time
When you were begging for me 
I promise I'll not let you down
Or make you waiting for me

But i know
It will never happen
Cos you've been hurted too much
And i know its killing you inside
Even if you don't say it
I know

Im sorry my dear
For letting you walk away
But i never lie to you 

I just realize youre the one
And I'll be empty again
Cus you have move on

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