Monday, 20 July 2015

Not like them

You know
Im not that type of girl
That can get into with people easily
I just idk i cant

I got that low self confidence among thf girls
I got that "not-into" girls group feeling 
I got that maybe not bitchy and kepoh like girls when im with girls

I will just keep my mouth shut 
I'll prefer to be in silence 
Not to say anything
Cos I always been neglected when im saying something 
And it makes me feels like 

"Okay. They don't bother at all
Pls farah, just keep ur mouth shut
You'll never be like them
Who's loud and people still like them
And they're pretty 
And you're not pretty to get into them
Youre not loud at all and if you're 
People wont like you like they like the perfect girls
Bear in mind farah to better keep your mouth shut"

That's it
Im not like them 

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